Spider Webs

I love Spider webs. I think they are beautiful. I love to watch the skill of the spiders as they build the webs and wrap their precious meals in silk. I don’t love them as much as my mom did though! I spent a year cleaning out my mom’s house after she passed. I named her house “Granny’s house of wonders.” I now live in it. I would find the most amazing things while I was sorting through 40 years of stuff! I found false teeth under her bed.- She did not have false teeth. I found a RC tarantula in the kitchen still in the box. I found Horse hair and a box full of dead spiders in her China hutch. I wish this program I am writing in had emojis!!!! 🙂 Ya’ll, I can’t even! So I made my own spider web decoration for Halloween. I always start my holiday decor this time of year. Please Enjoy!

p.s. I am working on a poem for spiders. I spend a lot of time watching them when I take my dogs outside to potty. I have a quarantine puppy and he will not go potty unless I am with him! I will add it to this post when I am done.