Little red truck and cruising the coast

The first two weeks of October are busy busy for everyone on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. (Not just because my husband and I have birthdays either!) We have an event every year called, “Cruisin the Coast.” If you love art and vehicles, you will love this. Over 9k REGISTERED vehicles enter the show! That is nothing compared to the amount of cars that don’t register. The entire beach is transformed and set back in time. Beautiful fast cars and many others cruise the Highway 90. I’m not getting paid to promote this. I just love it and I thought I would share. My dad has two antique cars. I have two and my brother has a race car. Did I mention that my Mom in law owns the local race track??? Anyways, It is a very family friendly fun time. Come see us! Here is something I made for my dad.

Oh. I almost forgot, the video contains a bone wind chime- made for my friend who owns a farm. The bones were from her “bone yard.” Where animals go after they die.