Is it Christmas Yet?

This year I first saw Christmas decorations in MAY! I miss the days when we used to have seasons and Christmas didn’t start until after Thanksgiving. I grew up in a flower shop. We were always preparing for the next holiday, but, at home, we stuck to traditional holiday time frames. I loved spending thanksgiving weekend decorating for Christmas with my mom and family. I lived in the country. No one ever drove by our house to look at decorations outside so my mom decorated BIG TIME inside. I’m talking- hanging a Christmas tree upside down from a ceiling fan big time! Always something interesting and new for us. Christmas in July comes from the fact that florists had to start making Christmas decorations to sell – in July-because once the kids started school, they would be too busy with other work to do it. I also like to start working on ornaments and presents during July. Here are a few angels to try.