O.K. Halloween might be my favorite holiday. It is certainly the most fun-especially now that I’m too old for Santa to visit! Growing up, we would go to my Aunt’s house because she lived in a subdivision and we lived in the country. The whole family of cousins would be there all in costume. The parents made popcorn balls, caramel apples and other home made goodies. We kids would take off (with adult supervision) to roam the neighborhood and come back with loaded bags of yummies. We got to see all our friends because the elementary school was at the entrance to the neighborhood.

Flash forward to a few years ago. My sister and her In-laws lived in a fancy shmancy neighborhood on a lake. This neighborhood became a hot spot for Halloween. So much so that the county had to patrol on 4 wheelers and stop traffic at the entrance to the neighborhood- Robinwood Forest. Everyone would bring candy. We all brought foods- Taco soup, cookies, chili, home made candies– and a few adult beverages.. 🙂

Father-in-law was a bean counter retired. He would sit and hand once piece of candy to each child. (Nice Candy) He would count the kids. One year we had 1400 kids!!!!! Everyone is in costume- adults, children, babies and pets. It was so much fun watching all the little faces light up and yell “trick or treat!”

Sadly, Mr. Bean Counter passed away recently. Mrs. Bean Counter is currently packing and moving to a small house in a retirement community. So many changes these days. I really just want it all to slow down and the melancholy to go away. I long for those happier days! For now, I’ll just craft the fantasy that is what all holidays are made of!

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